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Please note students are selected by our Teachers, in order to maintain the integrity of this course.

Applications are accepted annually for this program. The next course will be offered in January 2023


Do you feel called to pass on the teachings of  New Earth Angel Reiki?

Are you committed to your own ascension and prepared to guide others through their shadows?

Do you feel called to transmit light codes to others, with the intention of awakening and empowering your students through the heart of love? 

  • Review and deepen your connection to the protocols taught in Levels 1-4

  • Practice channeling and guiding meditations which will allow you to strengthen and trust your own intuition 

  • Learn the attunements of previous levels and practice giving them to other members of the group

  • Review the Ethics and History behind New Earth Angel Reiki

  • Receive an attunement channeled by Archangel Metatron that will initiate you into the role of a New Earth Angel Reiki Teacher 

  • Receive access to marketing tools, workbooks and certificates 

  • Stay informed through annual meet ups that will inform you about any program revisions and advancements. As the collective energy continues to evolve so will this program.  

Our teachers are devoted  to their ascension path, and hold a high frequency of light in order to pass on the transmissions of Archangel Metatron

  • You have completed New Earth Angel Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3 and the Master Course

  • You have been practicing New Earth Angel Reiki on clients for a minimum of 3 years 

  • You are comfortable holding space on a multi-dimensional level for several students at one time

  • You are committed to the path of fully transitioning into your crystalline light body

  • You have a strong daily spiritual practice and are committed to your own ascension process

  • You live your life from heart space & you feel a part of your purpose on this planet is to usher others into the New Earth

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