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New Earth Angel Reiki is a unique program designed for heart-centered beings who are committed to their own ascension journey. Whether you are a practitioner or individual looking to expand your consciousness, this program has something for everyone. With the completion of each level, the student will receive DNA activations and light codes that will accelerate one's spiritual gifts, activate the ascension chakras, and unlock a deeper sense of 'remembering'.  All of the concepts held within each course have been channeled through Archangel Metatron.

This course is designed in 4 stages, and with every stage the student will reach a new point of enlightenment. We begin our journey connecting with the inner child, and then gradually expand our awareness into past life clearing, generational clearing, and finally clearing one's matrix, blue print & timelines.   The objective of this course is to open the gateways to the fifth dimension by clearing lower vibrational energy from within your field. You will be guided to fully step out of all limitations in order to create heaven on earth, a 5D experience. 


"Behind our pain there is a story. Suppressed emotion, trauma and limiting beliefs all directly influence our health. In order for true healing to occur, we must address the mind, body and soul collectively.
New Earth Angel Reiki will teach you how to scan the chakras and check for blockages using 'Rei-ki' which translates into 
universal life energy.  With the help of the Angelic Realm, balance is restored within the body, throughout all dimensions of space in time."


Foundations of N.E.A.R

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New Earth Angel Reiki is rooted in the understanding that everything we experience in life from the time of conception becomes stored within our central nervous system. We carry these stories within our cellular memory and  over time the traumatic stories begin to manifest physically.  This awareness allows us as practitioners to take our clients deeper. We begin by assessing our clients through the use of Reiki, scanning the chakras for blockages. With the help of the Angels and Guides we are able to take our clients into these chakras, tracing the blockage back to the root of the suppressed memory or emotion. This may look like healing the inner child, adolescent self, or a past life. A deeper awakening occurs when we are able to guide our clients into their story in order to clear false beliefs with truth and light. This is done through the power of the Angelic Consciousness and Ascended Masters. By clearing these lower vibrations we create more space within our clients to stand authentically and radiate unconditional love. The more love we are able to carry within, the higher the vibration we are able to hold. When we come together from this place of love we hold within us the power to shift the vibration of the earth.  

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