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Our Teachers

New Earth Angel Reiki holds a very high standard for their teachers.  Andrea carefully selects heart-centered students who are dedicated to their own ascension path and have completed all 4 levels. They are committed to working from a place of light and un-conditonal love.

Teachers of New Earth Angel Reiki are committed to providing students with a safe, non-judgemental place to learn and step into their fullest potential.

May this program free students from limiting beliefs so that they can shine brightly in this world. May they fully embody their true potential, and experience freedom & joy as collectively we usher in the New Earth. 

The story behind New Earth Angel Reiki 

The history of New Earth Angel Reiki began in 2009 when Andrea began her reiki journey while studying Acupuncture in Victoria, BC. Her intuition told her early on that she would not practice these modalities in the traditional sense, but would be guided along the way. Trusting her intuition, Andrea took her time becoming a Usui Reiki Master. She began to offer both Acupuncture & Reiki to her clients which is where she first began to connect with the Angelic Realm. Andrea spent the next 10 years learning through her clients, listening to her team of Angels in regards to how to transform lower vibrational energy into light. She began to understand that her role was to be the eyes and ears of Spirit. Through her gift of sight and ability to connect with her client's emotions, she could guide her clients into the story behind their physical pain. Through awareness, breath and Angelic assistance, Andrea began to witness her clients heal themselves. The Angels continued to show her protocols to heal the inner child, past lives, generational karma and more until one day she was ready. It was time to take all that she had learned and share it with others by channeling a course. This course is called New Earth Angel Reiki. 


Andrea Kehler, Founder & Teacher

Andrea would describe herself as highly sensitive, clairvoyant, and empathic since childhood. Growing up with this heightened sensitivity was challenging to the point that she turned off her gifts in order to feel "normal" during her adolescent years.  Acupuncture and Reiki were the catalysts that broke through her guarded heart. These practices allowed her to feel authentic and make sense of who she was, and they brought her a tremendous amount of joy.  As both a practitioner and teacher, Andrea is committed to being a clear channel of Divine Universal light and love. She understands that spiritual growth never ends, and is committed to 'doing the work' in her personal and professional life. Andrea understands the deep effects that childhood trauma holds over the body. Having moved through sexual abuse, depression, divorce, and anxiety herself, Andrea's greatest passion in life is to spread the teachings that set her free. Living a life of freedom, joy, and self love IS possible. It is her mission to hold space for others to witness their own trauma and karmic patterns, gently guiding them through personal transformations in order to fully embody the light that is available to all. Together we can make this world a brighter place and usher in the New Earth!


Registered Acupuncturist - 3 year diploma 

Physiotherapist Assistant - 2 year diploma

Meditation Instructor, Usui Reiki Master, Illuminated Quantum Healing Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader through Dorreen Virtue. 

Our Team


Marilyn Rose

Tanya Dubyk

As a teacher I hold space for my clients to experience deep transformational healing by learning self awareness that connects them back to their heart center by intentionally connecting to the loving pathways of spirit.

Dawn Deguire

As a teacher I help people transcend their ego and awaken to their true nature, understand their relationship with all of Creation, and acquire unity consciousness. May we all experience a renewed life and a new earth.

As a Spiritual Educator I offer teachings of personal transformation, spiritual enlightenment and planetary ascension. I extend a heart-centred, non-judgemental, safe learning environment that is empowering and filled with lots of encouragement and love. 

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