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This powerful course will guide you even deeper into a journey of self discovery, activating your crystalline light body. Your vibration will shift into a higher dimensional frequency, and you will begin the process of merging with your higher self.  Experience your energetic field in a state of expansion like never before as you connect with your own blue print, and discover how to clear your own matrix and timelines. You will remember that you are the co-creator of your own reality. 

As practitioners, this course will enable you to heal your clients throughout all directions and dimensions of space and time. Liberating their soul from past ancestral karma, generational trauma, and old limiting beliefs. By clearing these patterns, your clients will be able to step out of their limitations and create heaven on earth, a 5D experience. 


Experience a powerful re-birthing ceremony that will clear both your masculine & feminine lines, transform your cellular memory, and purify you in the vibrational frequency of Christ Light Consciousness.  

  • Face your own shadow side in order to clear and transform limiting beliefs and stagnant energy

  • Learn a generational healing protocol that will liberate both you and your clients from generational karma, trauma, limiting beliefs and so much more!

  • Experience a sacred cleansing ceremony where you will be re-birthed into the vibrational light of Christ consciousness 

  • Learn more about your personal blueprint and discover how this influences your daily life

  • Learn a new protocol that will allow you to clear your client's Matrix field

  • Discover acupressure points that activate the higher ascension chakras

  • Experience a guided meditation that will open and unlock your 12th chakra, the Stellar Gateway  

  • Receive an attunement that will strengthen your connection to your "I AM" presence, activate Universal key codes held within the heart chakra, connect with the Divine Feminine radiance of the Goddess Isis, & more!

"I am an Intuitive Healer and New Earth Angel Reiki has transformed my practice. I am a seer, knower, feeler and it is through this class that not only these senses but all of my senses have gained increasing clarity and depth. To work in concert with the Angelic Realm has opened my heart and defined my purpose with being witness to the transformational shifts I have seen within myself and my clients thus far. The Angelic energy is such a light, high vibrating beautiful energy and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to be a small part of a larger picture to assist in shifting consciousness and awareness on earth at this time along side the Angels. Andrea is a loving, gentle soul who brings so much light and love to her students and this earth. There are no words for the gift she is to this world and for how her teachings have enriched my life personally and professionally." 

-Marilyn B.
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