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Are you feeling the call to step into a healing practice?

This course is designed to activate your spiritual gifts and

attune you to the frequency of  Divine light and love. 


In order to professionally offer healing to others, we must first consider the vessel that this powerful energy will be travelling through. That vessel is YOU!  In this course you will learn techniques that will transmute old patterning in order for you to embrace your truth and light. This course strongly focuses on preparing you to offer healing to clients in a safe and loving way. We will study the chakra system as well as the foundations of working with energy. We will practice reading each other's energetic field as we connect with our spiritual gifts . The class is kept small in order for Andrea to assess and guide each student on their unique path. You will have the opportunity to practice in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The day will end with an attunement and a certificate. 

Image by Tim Mossholder


Image by Jess Bailey
  • Develop a basic understanding of hands on healing

  • Review hand positions and practice reading energy

  • Meet the Archangels and learn how to grid your room in their frequency 

  • Learn how to create a Sacred Space in order to create a safe environment for both yourself and your client 

  • Discover how to protect your energetic field  

  • Discuss the chakra system and it's influence on our health

  • Practice relaying messages to each other in a way that honours your own unique gifts 

  • Receive an attunement that will connect you with the healing vibration of Archangel Raphael, open and activate your chakras, an SO MUCH MORE

DATES: July 6, 2024

LOCATION: Saskatoon SK


"What a magical day spent with Andrea taking the Foundations for Practitioners course. At first, I was hesitant about the online platform, simply because I do better in person, living in the United States meant this was the only option. I took this course online, in real time with Andrea and it truly was incredible. It felt as if there was no distance between us. From the moment Andrea and I connected, I felt a deep knowing that this was right where I was supposed to be. This course opened me up to gifts I felt I had but didn’t know how to unfold on my own. Andrea facilitated a deeper relationship with the Angels which opened my heart to new depths of gratitude. The attunment brought me to tears, allowed great expansion and gave me a deeper understanding of my purpose. It truly was an honor."

Danielle, USA

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