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Now that you understand the mind-body connection from Level 1 & 2, you are ready to expand your field of awareness into multi-dimensions! In this course you will learn how to guide your clients through out all dimensions of space in time, with a focus on the Akashic Record Room. Through the channelings of Archangel Metatron you will learn how to clear past lives, and receive messages from our loved ones on the other side.  

Level III is designed to deepen your connection to the collective consciousness. You will connect with the crystalline grid, remembering that you are not alone. You have a purpose and play an important role in the inter-connected web of the universe. By embracing the gifts held within this course, you will be able to tap into the ancient wisdom of the Universe, awakening your clients back into their truth and light. 


Receive new and powerful sacred geometric symbols that will activate your ability to connect with the Akashic Records and tap into the universal wisdom of Archangel Metatron


  • Re-connect with all aspects of self in order to discover and claim your authenticity

  • Learn a protocol that will take you through all dimensions of space and time in order to clear past lives and karmic patterns

  • Learn how to clear phobias and deep rooted emotion that may be preventing your clients from moving forward

  • Learn how to clear and protect yourself from attachments and psychic attack 

  • Learn a protocol that will allow your clients to meet with their deceased loved one's higher self

  • Bring healing and closure to your clients who are dealing with grief

  • Re-connect to the wisdom of the Universe that already resides within you 

  • Receive new and powerful symbols that will activate both the navel chakra and the soul star chakra, attune you to the collective consciousness, the crystalline grid, the vibrational field of the Akashic Record Room, & more!  

REQUIREMENTS: Level 1 & 2 New Earth Angel Reiki

"It's so hard to put my experience into words. Taking Andrea's Angel Reiki course forever changed my Reiki practice and opened me up to my own gifts and experiences that I never knew were possible. The knowledge, confidence and experience I gained from taking the course continues to amaze me. Andrea's guidance and wisdom forever changed me as a practitioner and as a person."


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