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In order to maintain the high vibrational frequency of this program, students are selected by the teachers to apply. 

The path of a New Earth Angel Reiki Teacher is designed for those students who feel aligned with the teachings, and understand at a soul level the sacred mission behind this program. We are committed to assisting others into becoming their highest, expression of self. Collectively raising the frequency of this planet through Divine love and light.  
  • You have completed New Earth Angel Reiki Level 1, 2 & 3 and the Master Course

  • You have been practicing New Earth Angel Reiki on clients for a minimum of 3 years 

  • You have reached a state of ascension to the degree that you are comfortable to hold space for several students at one time on a multi-dimensional level. 

  • New Earth Angel Reiki Teachers are able to see beyond the protocols, understanding the heart of the program is designed to enhance the greater good of humanity

  • You are committed to the path of fully transitioning into your crystalline light body

  • You have a strong daily spiritual practice and are committed to your own ascension process

  • You live your life from heart space & you feel called to a career in New Earth Angel Reiki


Our teachers are devoted  to their ascension path, and hold a high frequency of light in order to pass on the transmissions of Archangel Metatron

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