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Welcome dear one!

You are invited to join us on this powerful ascension journey.

Our time together will begin with understanding the mind-body connection and that behind our pain there is a story. You will experience a deep awakening to your gifts as a healer, and you will begin to face your own shadows in order to hold more light. Throughout the course of this program your crystalline light body will continue to expand and your light will grow brighter! You will begin to access multi-dimensions, channel the Angelic Consciousness, and remember deep Universal Truths within you.

You hold within you the "I AM" presence, you are a child of the Divine! There is so much potential within you waiting to be activated. Are you ready to embody all that you are?! It begins here.


- Join Today! -

New Earth Angel Reiki is a transformational course offered Internationally, designed to activate the spiritual gifts of healing in practitioners. With the completion of each level, the student will receive DNA activations and light codes that will unlock a deeper sense of spiritual awakening for those committed to the Ascension path. 

Are you ready to discover all of the magic that lies within you?

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I was lucky to have a 1:1 experience with Andrea during my online classes. She is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable and in tune - she stopped and helped me with something going on with me one time during a class because she was reading my energy so strongly. She made me feel totally comfortable as I practiced on clients with her watching and coaching. I felt like she was physically right there in the room with me. Highly recommend!

-Paige, North Carolina USA

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